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Re: Analyse web server logs in Drill - Drill - [mail # user]
...Niels Basjes and Jim Scott worked on something related to this recently. The idea was to make the output of Niels' log-parser package directly queryable in Drill. I don't know the current...
   Author: Ted Dunning, 2016-02-07, 00:46
[DRILL-33] Create generator for the synthetic log dataset - Drill - [issue]
...See https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/DRILL/Synthetic+Log+Traffic+Statistics...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DRILL-33    Author: Ted Dunning, 2013-02-05, 01:24
Re: Drill custom aggregate functions - Drill - [mail # user]
...The other big missing bit is that the working variables can't be complex data. That means that I can't write: - my own form of count unique - approximate aggregates like hyper-log-log...
   Author: Ted Dunning, 2015-09-24, 00:34
Re: data generator - Drill - [mail # user]
...Uwe, Thanks for the pointer. Some differences (based on a quick glance): - GPL versus Apache license - log-synth generates data using the JSON data model. For playing with Drill...
... this is really handy. - log-synth has file lookup samplers like datagenerator does, but it also has a wide variety of skewed sampling against these files - log-synth has realistic sampling for dates...
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   Author: Ted Dunning, 2015-08-25, 08:01
Re: drill generated Parquet file compatibility with SparkSQL? - Drill - [mail # user]
...Can you supply some sample data and example queries? (see log-synth  for help synthesizing the data) On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 3:50 PM, Sungwook Yoon  wrote:   ...
   Author: Ted Dunning, 2015-08-25, 00:17
Re: New Slack setup for Devs and Users - Drill - [mail # dev]
...Slack is real time and handles multiple access points really seamlessly. Thus, I get a ding on my phone only if I am not logged in on my laptop. It scours discussions for keywords so that I...
   Author: Ted Dunning, 2015-10-05, 22:15
Re: regex format - Drill - [mail # dev]
...The msot common use of a regex parser in my experience is to parse log files.  A better way to parse log files that use CLF format specifiers is with the logparse package. See https...
   Author: Ted Dunning, 2015-06-19, 00:33
Re: query plan .... - Drill - [mail # user]
...Just a plug here for a tool that started as a part of Drill and which might help people build test cases. Log-synth makes it very easy to build realistic data, flat or nested. It creates...
....  Data can be flat or complex. Tables can link to each other cleanly. Creating test data where you can't share the original is fairly easy using log-synth. See https://github.com/tdunning/log...
   Author: Ted Dunning, 2015-08-25, 01:30
[expand - 1 more] - Re: Recursive CTE Support in Drill - Drill - [mail # dev]
...Are you hard set on using common table expressions? I have discussed a bit off-list creating a data format that would allow tables to be read from a log-synth [1] schema.  That would let...
... you read as much data as you might like with an arbitrarily complex (or simple) query. Operationally, you would create a file containing a log-synth schema that has the extension .synth...
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   Author: Ted Dunning, 2015-07-10, 05:58
Re: drill configuration setting - rows overwriting one another - Drill - [mail # user]
...Not an answer, but sqlline lets you log results to a file.  You can probably then view the file using a better tool. On Thu, Jun 25, 2015 at 4:12 PM, Jim Scott  wrote:   ...
   Author: Ted Dunning, 2015-06-26, 00:27
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